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Newport Slate by Armstrong

Newport Slate

Color: Brown

Look: Stone/Ceramic

Type: Sheet

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12 ft. & 6 ft. Vinyl Sheet

  • Type: Vinyl Sheet
  • Look: Stone/Ceramic
  • Installation Method: Modified loose lay or Full spread
  • Collection: StrataMax Good
  • Manufacturer: Armstrong
  • Product #: X4511
  • Width: 12 ft. & 6 ft.
  • Pattern Match: 54" x 36"
Low Price Guarantee Financing Available
Armstrong covers this flooring product with their Residential Warranty: 10 years

For 10 years from the date of purchase, your floor :
Will not rip, tear or gouge from normal household use. (Movement of large appliances requires special handling).
Will not permanently indent when proper floor protectors are used †
Will not wear through*
Will not permanently stain from common household stains
Will not permanently stain from traffic stains including asphalt driveway sealer
Will not permanently stain from rubber-backed mats
Will not permanently scuff from shoe soles
Will not fade or discolor from heat or sunlight
Will not discolor from moisture or underlayment panels
Will not contain manufacturing defects

† The heavier the item, the wider the floor protectors should be.
* Wear-through is defined as loss of the floor design due to normal household use.

Ask a Flooring Advisor for complete details.